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1-DAY FILING (Receive formation confirmation documents back by email in 1 business day)

THIS IS THE BEST PRICE WE KNOW. ANYWHERE. You can advance purchase 5 Nevada entities formation (LLC, Corporation, LP, Business Trust in any combination) and today you can get all 5 for just $1499 and use them now or at a future date within 3 years from purchase date.

After you purchase the package, you will order the entities individually using the links that we will send you by e-mail or order by phone. Barring any issues from State of Nevada you receive the formation confirmation documents by email in 1 business day.

You can call us to order, or click on the link below to purchase the package:

**Just Added** >> If you order now, we will also include the complete Virtual Corporate Presence Office Package for FREE for the first 12 months!! See Details


We provide complete filing: We provide you everything that you need for each entity and nothing that you don't. The price includes all of the following. Compare us to other Nevada Incorporators:

Compare us to others:

Service Other's Fee Our fee/ Included?
1st year's Resident Agent Service   $75 and up $0
Filing of your Articles  $75 and up $0
Operating Agreement/ Bylaws $99 and up $0
Obtaining the EIN (Tax ID) $25 and up $0
Las Vegas address for 1st yr $99 and up $0
Nevada phone number $99 and up $0
250 color business cards Not offered $0
Help in opening a bank account $0 - 99 and up $0
Attorney and CPA referral $0 $0
Option to order a Corporate/LLC kit $75 - higher $49.99

Therefore, the package includes all of the following:

  • **INCLUDED** Name Availability search to make sure that the name you want for your LLC or Corporation is available.
  • **INCLUDED** Registered Agent service for the first year
  • **INCLUDED** Preparation and filing of your Articles of Organization/ Incorporation. The fee is included in the fee.
  • **INCLUDED** We provide you the customizable Operating Agreement/ Bylaws for the entity 
  • **INCLUDED** Obtain the Tax ID (EIN) for the business if you need, for FREE. You will need to provide SSN. 
  • **INCLUDED** Help you open a bank account in a Las Vegas branch of national bank. We work with various banks. Available to US Residents only.
  • **INCLUDED** 250 color free business cards (if you need). You just pay the actual shipping cost.
  • **INCLUDED** Help you file DBA, Sales Permit,Certificate of Good Standing if required. Our fee = $99 that includes filing fees.
  • **INCLUDED** Help you file for Nevada Business License, if you require (State annual fee = $200).  

    Special Promotion:
  • **INCLUDED** Complete Virtual Office Package for FREE for the first 12 months!! Meaning it includes Nevada address, mail receiving, and Nevada Phone Number. See details of Virtual Office.


Every year you will have to pay $325 to the State of Nevada and $75 to us for Resident Agent Services for each entity. To renew the Nevada address you will pay $49/year. We will contact you by email at the time of renewal.


NO. You will not pay for anything else to us for formation. The only fee you will need to pay after formation is the State of Nevada is the first year's Annual Fee (Currently $325) for each entity that includes $200 fee for the required Nevada Business License. This is the fee you pay every year to keep your entity Active. The first year's annual filing is to be completed before the end of the month following the month of formation for each entity. We will send you the required forms to file.


Be careful of offers from incorporators that are too good to be true. Most are usually not clear about their price. So they will probably come back and ask for more money at a later date or for each additional filing for the entity. We hear this from clients transferring to us all the time. With us, you exactly know how much you are paying beforehand.


We offer Privacy Service for LLCs. Please see Privacy Service Details


  • If you are not a US resident, please send an e-mail before ordering.
  • You can form any combination of the following Nevada entity types: Corporations, Limited Partnerships, LLCs, Business Trust.
  • Please note that at times, NV Secy of State may delay formation time due to issues beyond our control.
1. Same-Day formation with full package and Las Vegas address: $399
No need to pick and choose.
2. Asset Protection with 2 Entities for $699
2 entities formation for asset protection strategy for just $699
3. Free Las Vegas Address
All orders today receive own Las Vegas Address for privacy (Not a C/O or shared address).
4. Buy 5 Entities Formation for $1995 , Today only $1499!
Advance purchase 5 Nevada entities formation and save over $500!
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We offer a full package to register a Nevada Corporation or LLC and do the filings for you with State of Nevada. We provide cheap Registered Agent service.
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