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Special: Same-Day New Nevada Corporation Or LLC Formation Package with Nevada Address and Personal Step by Step Guidance for $399
1. Introduction
Simply put, this is the best priced formation package we have for a new Nevada Corporation or LLC. This package can save you hundreds over similar formation packages offered by others. Please see the features below.
Please note that this offer is only for US Residents. For non-US residents, please contact us and we will give you an all inclusive price that includes Apostille (required for most non-US clients).

Compare us to others:


Other's Fee

Our fee/ Included?

1st year's Resident Agent Service $75 and up $0
Filing of your Articles $75 and up $0
Operating Agreement/ Bylaws $99 and up $0
Obtaining the EIN (Tax ID) $25 and up $0
Las Vegas address for 1st yr $99 and up $0
Nevada phone number $99 and up $0
250 color business cards Not offered $0
Help in opening a bank account $0 - 99 and up $0
Attorney and CPA referral $0 $0
Option to order a Corporate/LLC kit $75- Higher $49.99

2. Same day formation: receive formation documents by email same day
If you order before 3 PM Pacific Time any business day during this promotion, your entity should be formed same day barring any issues from Nevada Secretary of State. The formation confirmation documents (Charter and the Articles) will be sent by email same day.
Please note that Nevada Secretary State may delay formation due to reasons beyond our control.

3. State registration fees and nevada registered agent fees are included
The price includes Articles of Incorporation/ Organization filing fee to form the entity.
On top of that it also includes first year's (12-months) Registered Agent fees, Tax ID (EIN) and all the other features as listed below. 

4. Available: Privacy service for your LLC if you require
If you want privacy for your LLC and do not want your name(s) to show on the public List of Managers/ Managing Members on the Nevada Sec. of State website that are publicly searchable/ downloadable from anywhere by anyone, you can use our Online Privacy Service.

Note: Effective October 1, 2013, new Nevada laws made using 'nominee' a fradulent practice (Be careful of our competitors as many are still using nominee). We do not use nominee to provide privacy. Please call us and we will explain.

Also note that Privacy Service is only available for LLCs. We cannot provide privacy service for any other entity types because of the new laws.

5. Included: your own Nevada address for mail forwarding
Your own Las Vegas address is included for the first 12 months. You can receive any and all types of mail at this address. This is your own address, not a shared or Care Of address. You will need to sign the required US Postal Service form (we will provide) authorizing us to receive mail on your bahalf.
At the time of renewal next year you will pay $49 for the next 12 months. Therefore, your annual fee is just $49 to have your own Nevada address during this promotion.
Mail will be forwarded weekly, twice monthly or monthly as you choose. Your credit card information will be kept in record to charge mail forwarding cost (postage + handling fee). Normally all mail will be put in one envelope and forwarded to you. Approx cost is $3.25 per packet and initially $5 is charged to the card as system set up fee.

6. Included: Federal tax id (EIN)
There are no fees to be paid to obtain the EIN from the IRS. You will need to provide the SSN of an officer of the entity direct to the IRS to obtain the Tax ID and receive the EIN in minutes.

7. Open bank accounts in Las Vegas without being present
We will put you in touch with bankers we work with in major national banks in Las Vegas to open your business bank accounts. You do not need to be present in Las Vegas to open the accounts.
Please note that a Tax ID (EIN) from the IRS will be required to open a bank account. Therefore, the Tax ID will need to be obtained first.

8. Free filing for Nevada business license
Note that all for-profit businesses registered with Nevada Secretary of State are required to obtain a Nevada State Business License from the Nevada Sec of State. A Nevada State Business License is not required if your business is registered with the IRS as non-profit or registered with the Nevada Film Office as a movie production business or Nevada Division of Insurance. State Business License annual fee = $200. We do not charge a fee to file for business license, you just pay for the state fee of $200. We will email you the details of Nevada Business License and the prepared form to obtain business license as well.
Please note that Nevada Sec of State will charge a pentaly of $100 if the Business License is not obtained on time.

9. More included features:
- Name availability check is free
- Preparation and filing of your Articles of Organization/ Incorporation
- We provide you the Customizable Operating Agreement/ By Laws/ Corporate Resolution/ Meeting Minutes
- Nevada Phone Number, if required. Incoming calls automatically ring at a phone number of your choice. You pay actual per minute usage fee. The account can be managed online.
- 250 free color business cards (if you need). You just pay for the actual shipping cost.
- Free Nevada Tax Practitioner, Attorney and Business Insurance referrals.
- Option to order a corporate/ LLC kit direct from a manufacturer with free UPS ground shipping within the US for approx $49.99 (note that a kit or seal are not required by State of Nevada Statues.)

10. Low subsequent year’s fees: 
Next year, at the time of renewal, you will need to pay $325 to the Nevada Sec of State as annual fee, $75 to us for Registered Agent Services, $49 for your Las Vegas address and $49 for forms preparation and filing (if you want us to prepare and email you the annual forms for your signature). We will contact you by e-mail at the time of renewal (approx. 2 months before the renewal date).

11. After we receive your order: 
  • We will complete name availability search and prepare/ file the Articles with the State of Nevada to register the entity
  • Barring any issues from State of Nevada the formation date should be the same day if your order is received before 3 PM PT.
  • You should receive the state formation confirmation documents by email same day.

12. After your entity is formed: 
  • Barring any issues from State of Nevada the formation confirmation documents should be sent to you by email same day.
  • The documents will include the following:
    • Charter (Certificate of registration from Nevada Sec of State)
    • Filed Stamped copy of the Articles
    • A blank List of Officers and Business License form and Instructions to file. (List of Officers needs to be filed with State of Nevada each year to keep the entity in good standing). You will need to fill out/ sign and send it back to us, to be filed with the state before the end of the month following the month of registration of your entity, as required by State of Nevada.
    • You will also need to include a fee of $325 payable to Nevada Sec of State for the annual fee and $200 for obtaining the Business License. We will include the state form and instructions to make the payment.
    • Instructions to obtain a Resale (Reseller) Certificate if you require (to buy without paying a sales tax to resale)
    • After your entity completes filings with State of Nevada, we will stay with you to help you to make sure your corporate governance is set up correctly.

1. Same-Day formation with full package and Las Vegas address: $399
No need to pick and choose.
2. Asset Protection with 2 Entities for $699
2 entities formation for asset protection strategy for just $699
3. Free Las Vegas Address
All orders today receive own Las Vegas Address for privacy (Not a C/O or shared address).
4. Buy 5 Entities Formation for $1995 , Today only $1499!
Advance purchase 5 Nevada entities formation and save over $500!
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