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Order Special: Expedited 1-2 Days Nevada LLC Formation with Privacy for $1049 $1249
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List each Managing member/ Manager's name (one name per line) to be listed on the Nevada Articles of Organization (not published on state public website):What is thisEnter the name(s) of the Managing Member(s) OR Manager(s) to be listed on the Articles of Organization. One name per line. Note that these names will not be shown on State website for your privacy.
Manager LLC's name (To be listed on Nevada State public website): What is thisFor your online privacy, an LLC will be created for you in another state such as New Mexico and the name of the LLC will be entered as the Manager on State of Nevada public website. (After we receive your order we will contact you regarding state selection). We register the Manager LLC in a state like New Mexico because they do not publish the names of the Managers and have no requirement to file a public List of Managers. Also there is no state business income tax if no assets are held within the state and no business license requirement. There is no State annual filing required.
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